Late night reader, just like Mama.

Old people VS technology.

  • My Mom: How do you do a screen shot via laptop?
  • Me: On your keyboard, press Command + Shift + 3 and then release all keys.
  • My Mom: I heard it take a pic but don't know where the pic is, would it be in my photos on FB??
  • Me: No. On your computers desktop.
  • My Mom: How do you do it on your phone?
  • Me: Press the lock & home buttons at the same time.
  • My Mom: I tried that once and don't know where the pic ended up lol ...
  • Me: Your photos folder!
  • My Mom: Oh ... what do I know lol
  • She’s cruising along things with only one hand now. Soon enough, she’ll be attempting to walk without holding onto anything. I am so not ready for that!

    On the other hand, when she wants to walk & is being held, as she’s lowered to the ground, she starts walking in mid air & it’s just so adorable. It reminds me of a dog who is swimming, & when you lift them out of the water & they’re still doing the doggie paddle?

    Cake SMASH!

    Someone please explain to me how my one year old figured out how to open the dogs kennel? Nothing is safe.

    😭 #flashback

    Special birthday girl.

    There was a brindle frenchie at the park yesterday & as soon as I saw it I clasped my hand over my mouth & got all giddy like a very tiny child. SHEWASSOCUTE&IJUSTWANTEDTOPETHER.

  • My Mom: Where'd you learn that from?
  • Cyrus: From Tumblr when someone posted it on my smart phone.
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