It’s spring time!

Don’t undermine me. I have quesadilla on my breath.

- Cyrus

I’ve accepted my fate as an old lady & begun collecting fabric & notions to begin quilting. It won’t hurt my hand as much as my other old lady hobbies (crocheting, knitting, etc) so that’s nice.

I’m going to start by making a quilt for Cyrus made out of all of his old clothes that he & I have picked out (so I can bawl & feel better about giving up the rest of it).

Ice cream for my sads because my hand is borked.

I fight people. I break their head open & mix them around like an egg. Then I put them in a pan. & then I eat them for breakfast!

- Cyrus

Pugger butt.

On Friday marked a month since I began the kombucha brewing process, so last night I took a look at my SCOBY to see if it was successfully re-hydrated. Well, it was! In a matter of thirty days, the skin-like dehydrated mother culture managed to thicken up, get pretty jelly like, & slimey (like it’s supposed to).

So, since our cultures were fully re-hydrated, I began the process to make our first true batch of kombucha tea. Next Saturday, I can start tasting it to see how sweet or vinegary it is, & decide if I want to let it sit longer, or start drinking & begin the next batch!

Also, I started infusing (the slow way) some sweet almond oil for the deodorant I’m going to make for myself. A couple more weeks & the oil should be fully infused withe calendula flowers.

Inner Monologue

"This is great! Rob & Cyrus just left to do a little bit of grocery shopping & Sylvia is napping. Now for a little me ti— No. Why are you awake. Whyyyyyy."

I found a huge deer tick on my poor pugger butt this morning. Extra cuddles for my fur baby.

My hand/thumb is in such fucking pain from this tendinitis shit. Has been for the past couple of days. I think I’m going to have to go see a hand specialist.

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