Any tips on how to stop my son from doing random things in the kitchen while I’m nursing Sylvia to sleep? He likes to push the kitchen chairs up to the counter & do things.

Like, just now I walked into the kitchen & went to make us lunch, only to find that he had been poking & cutting the tomato with a knife, then put it in the dish drying rack, as well as poking & cutting an avocado, then hid it in the microwave.

My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.

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I’ve cut out a good bit of dairy (except for a bit of cheese here & there, as well as some ice cream on occasion), & my body has been thanking me for it. I mean, except for that one time the other day when I completely forgot that milkshakes were made of dairy (I don’t even know how, don’t ask) & I decided to have a huge one.

My body was very angry with me.

Baby Led Solids + Broccoli = Baby-Shaped Chia Pet


This girl plays peak-a-boo with me, initiates it all on her own. She covers her face with a piece of clothing, wiggles around in faux distress, then pulls the cloth off her face & giggles at me. It is so, so cute.

Things have been going really well in most areas. He is really trying very hard to gently parent in the way same way that I am trying. The other day, he sat Cyrus down in his lap during a tantrum & helped calm him down like how I try to. He still has his outbursts, but then again, so do I. I keep reminding myself that he is only human, just as I am. We may make mistakes, but we learn from them & then move past them.

I love him.

Nursing games.

One of Robs friends & his wife want us to meet up at their apartment this Saturday & then go to the street fair in town together. Rob & I were planning on going anyway, so we told them yeah. They have yet to meet Sylvia. Rob has seen his friend here & there, but none of us have hung out in about a year? I don’t know, Rob has given up on really being as good friends with them as he used to be.

Well, his friend said that he has something really important to tell us, & Robs other friend told him a few weeks ago that this couple MAY be pregnant & if it’s true, I don’t know, guys. I might not be able to stop myself from laughing out loud.

[if you’ve been around a while, you may remember that Rob has been having problems with his friends ever since Cyrus entered the world. So if it turns out that they are pregnant it would kind of be ironic]

Sleepy after-nursing cuddles.

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